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Webcasts allow you to directly engage with our global audience of researchers and policy makers. We offer three different options—editorial, full-service, and self-service webcasts—and marketing campaigns to support participation.

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Our webcasts allow you to directly engage with our global audience of researchers and policy makers.

We offer a range of webcast options including:

  • Full-service webcasts give you the flexibility to choose the subject matter and presenters. Our team supports all other aspects to ensure that the webcast runs smoothly; this includes project management, promotion, and providing an experienced moderator to drive discussions during the broadcast and live Q&A.
  • Self-service webcasts allow you to run your webcast on our platform and the freedom to manage the webcast as you see fit; including content creation, recruiting presenters, promotion, and scheduling.
  • Editorially independent webcasts – Nature Research editorial teams carry sole responsibility for the content of the webcast. They facilitate discussions during the broadcast with the aim of encouraging live audience engagement. As a sponsor, your company can be seen as a leader in that field of science & research.

Both editorially independent & full-service webcasts are supported with a full marketing campaign. Check out some recent examples and a list of upcoming webcasts.

What can you achieve with a webcast?

  • Generate highly targeted and qualified leads with our custom built registration pages
  • Communicate with key thought-leaders in research communities, tailored to your topic and agenda
  • Participate in genuine discussions with your target audience to broadcast your key messages

We can help you build a webcast program that best fits your team’s objectives. Contact us for details on pricing, calendars, and other opportunities.

View Media Kit for more information
View Media Kit for more information
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