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Research data services from Springer Nature
Research data services from Springer Nature
Researcher Services

Research data services from Springer Nature

Researcher Services

Our research data services can help your institution increase data sharing and meet funder requirements.

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Did you know…?

  • 30% of researchers have lost research data and 60% rarely or never create a data management plan 
  • More than 85 funders now encourage or mandate research data sharing
  • Research articles with open data are cited up to 50% more
  • Springer Nature offers three services to support institutions with data sharing

Our three research data services:

  1. Research data training: workshops held at your institution, empowering your researchers to manage and share their data openly
  2. Research Data Support: professional research data editors curate your researchers’ data
  3. Data availability reporting: monitors how your researchers are sharing data, supporting your compliance and impact reporting

Key benefits:

  • ​​​​​​​Support your researchers’ professional development
  • Increase exposure of your institution’s research
  • Comply with funder and journal requirements on data sharing
  • Support reproducibility in research

Institutions already benefiting include The Wellcome Trust, City University of London, and Cancer Research UK.

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