4 ways to repurpose your webinar

Webinars can help you to generate qualified leads and engage directly with your target audience. If you choose to partner with us on your webinar (view our custom webcast service), you decide the subject matter and presenters while we take care of everything else – including project management, promotion, and providing an experienced moderator for the broadcast.

But the benefits of a webinar don’t stop there. You can repurpose your webinars to drive your content marketing efforts.

Over the year your webinar can be repurposed into an article, a KOL interview, social posts, a podcast, and so on. Repurposing gives your audience more ways to consume the content at their convenience, and helps you reach a larger audience and generate more leads. Here are 4 ideas for repurposing your webinar…

Repurposing gives your audience more ways to consume the content at their convenience.


1. Use your webinar Q&A to seed a content marketing article

Webinars are a great forum to share your research, products, and services – to talk about what is important to you – while your webinar’s Q&A with your audience is a chance to learn about what is important to your target audience. Taking what you learn from your webinar’s Q&A, you can create a piece of content marketing that addresses what your audience wants to talk about.

If you’d like to partner with us on an article, our award-winning Custom Media team can help you turn your webinar Q&A into an engaging and informative branded content article, written for your audience. Your article will be hosted on our website (including nature.com), with the look and feel of our editorial articles. Get in touch for details.


2. Turn key takeaways, stats, and quotes into social posts

A second and simple way to repurpose your webinar is to use the content on social media. Go through your webinar recording to pull out key quotes or stats, add an image, and schedule posts across your social media networks.

If you partner with us on a custom webcast, you’ll receive an mp4 file recording of your webcast after broadcast.


3. Share your on-demand webinar

Thirdly, to repurpose your webinar, make sure that your audiences can still watch the recording on-demand. Promote the on-demand registration page and you’ll continue to generate leads for your sales teams.

You can also share your on-demand webinar with anyone who registered for the live broadcast but was unable to attend.

For our webcast partners, webcast registrants automatically receive a link to the on-demand webcast after the live broadcast, and partners can see who’s viewed their on-demand webcast via their reporting url.


4. Email your registrants

Finally, it might seem obvious but don’t forget to follow up with your webinar registrants who have opted in to hear from you. Send an email with additional resources or answer questions that you didn’t get to in the Q&A.

If partnering with us on a webcast, you’ll receive a live reporting url where you can download your webcast registrants in real-time.


Tell us how you’re repurposing your webinars – get in touch today!


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