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Researcher Training
Researcher Training

Researcher Training

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Nature Research offers high-quality workshops, online courses and webinars for researchers through its two training services: Nature Masterclasses and Nature Research Academies. All workshops are now available as interactive online webinars.

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Nature Research offers professional development training to researchers — via workshops, online courses and webinars. The training is available to institutions worldwide.

  • Empower your researchers with key knowledge and skills to advance in their careers and grow their reputation in the field
  • Improve the quality of your institution’s published output and the visibility of your journals
  • Grow your institution’s profile, helping you attract and retain the best talent


Our most popular training: ‘Getting published’

Help your researchers write and publish great papers. Combine any of our training formats to create a publishing training program that supports all levels of researchers.

FormatIdeal for your...Max. number of researchersThe service
WorkshopEarly- and mid-career researchers in the sciences30Nature Masterclasses
WorkshopEarly- and mid-career researchers from all disciplines250Nature Research Academies
Online courseEarly-career researchers in the sciencesFull institutionNature Masterclasses
WebinarEarly-career researchers in the sciences100Nature Masterclasses


Nature Masterclasses training                                                 

Training delivered by expert academics and professionals, including Nature Research journal editors. Visit the Nature Masterclasses website.

TopicFormatIdeal for your...Max. number of researchers
Effective Collaboration in Research Online courseResearchers of all levels in the sciencesFull institution
Scientific Writing and PublishingWorkshopEarly- and mid-career researchers in the sciences30
Scientific Writing and PublishingOnline courseEarly-career
researchers in the sciences
Full institution
Scientific Writing and PublishingWebinarEarly-career
researchers in the sciences


Nature Research Academies training                                

Available as 1-day and 2-day workshops, hosted on-site at your institution and delivered by expert trainers from Nature Research.

TopicIdeal for your...Max. number of researchers
Getting PublishedEarly- and mid-career researchers from all disciplines250
Peer ReviewMid-career researchers from all disciplines30
Research Data (also available in webinar format)Researchers of all levels from all disciplines30
Journal EditingCurrent or aspiring journal editors from all disciplines30
Communicating Your Science to the PublicResearchers of all levels from all disciplines250
Academic PresentationsEarly-career researchers from all disciplines30
Applying for Research PositionsEarly- and mid-career researchers from all disciplines100
Grant writing (available in Japan only)Early- and mid-career researchers from all disciplines50
Clinical Research MethodologyEarly- and mid-career clinicians50
Systematic Reviews and Meta-AnalysesEarly- and mid-career clinicians50
BioethicsEarly- and mid-career clinicians50


Read about institutions already benefiting from our training:

Cancer Research UK | Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) | Denmark Technical University (DTU)Chitkara University


We can help you put together the right training program for your institution.

Reach out to our team for pricing and more information.


Please note our training is not available to individuals. If you’re an individual researcher, speak to someone at your institution about getting access to training.

University of Copenhagen
University of Copenhagen
Partnering with Nature Research Academies to support students with publication
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