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Editing Services
Editing Services

Editing Services

Support your researchers with professional editing services, designed to ensure manuscripts and grant applications meet the high standards set by Nature Portfolio editors.

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Why offer editing services at your lab or institution?

  • Ensure your researchers get the best out of their papers and grant proposals
  • Raise the quality of your institution’s published output and applications for funding
  • Reduce the time that your researchers spend preparing their work
  • Support the career development of your researchers

Our professional editing and document services:

  1. English Language Editing: supporting your researchers who lack confidence writing in English
  2. Scientific Editing: offering extensive edits by expert editors to help your scientists get the best out of their papers and grants
  3. Digital Editing from AJE: fast, reliable, AI-powered proofreading, developed specifically for scientific manuscripts. Refining the style of your researchers’ writing and improving grammar, phrasing, and article use
  4. Academic Translation: translating your researchers’ Japanese, Chinese, Spanish or Portuguese documents into English
  5. Manuscript Formatting: saving your researchers time when preparing for journal submission

Two options for group access to editing:

  1. Bulk-purchase our editing services with an exclusive 15%+ discount and your researchers can enjoy the services free at the point of need. We offer multiple payment options (pay in advance, at the time of submission, or pay later via monthly invoicing) and the support of a customer support team.
  2. Recommend our editing services to your researchers. We will create a bespoke discount code or web page for your researchers, giving them 10% off every time they order.

Reach out to our team for more information about packages and pricing.

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