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Branded Content
Branded Content

Branded Content

Combine your organization’s message with our expert journalism to create powerfully engaging stories about your research, products, or recruitment — connecting you with our international scientific community.

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Branded content — your story, our expert journalism

Branded content are Nature-quality articles that bring your stories to the international research community. Written by our award-winning custom media team, hosted and promoted by Nature, your bespoke content will capture the attention of your desired audience.

Branded Content

Branded content example on — your logo, links, and digital ads (leaderboard and MPU) feature prominently on your article page.

Branded Content on Scientific American

Branded content example on — your branded content can also reach a consumer audience with our U.S. magazine, Scientific American.



Nature quality

Your branded content will adhere to the same exacting standards as Nature editorial, giving peace of mind that your content will be of the highest quality. Publishing with the Nature brand also gives your content immediate authority with your audience.

Our global custom media team of science writers, editors, designers, producers, visual artists, data specialists, and project managers represents decades of collective experience and has earned a number of content marketing awards the world over. The team are experts at understanding our research audiences and how to tailor content for your target audience.



Reach our international research community

Every month, 55 million users visit our trusted platforms: Nature, Springer, BMC, and Scientific American. From trailblazing neuroscientists to pioneering climatologists, branded content enables you to connect with our vast research community.

Nature marketing teams will execute a promotional campaign for your branded content, which leverages our marketing channels and targeting approaches, to ensure your branded content reaches your desired audience. Examples:

  • Audience-targeted digital ads on our platforms: Nature, Springer, BMC, and Scientific American
  • Contextually-targeted digital ads on our platforms, which display alongside keywords of your choice
  • Or, “native ads” on the homepage and current issue pages of Nature Portfolio journals — designed to blend in with Nature content to optimize engagement with your ad
  • Targeted social media ads from our custom media social accounts
Native Advertising

Native advertising example – driving reach and visibility for your branded content among Nature audiences



Designed to support your objectives

While branded content can support a number of different objectives, here are three engaging narrative themes for you to consider:

  1. PEOPLE: Showcase your team, your commitment to talent, or your organization’s leadership by giving a personal insight into research, strategy, or employee or student life.
  2. PLACES: Look behind the scenes at your research-based organization with an institutional profile, highlighting achievements and innovations, while raising awareness of new research, faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities and reinforcing your long-term commitment to a field or topic.
  3. IDEAS: Demonstrate your organization’s thought leadership by educating the global scientific community about important advances and issues. Or distill the findings of a published paper or white paper into a short, accessible research digest article. Aligning your brand with progress and solutions.



How it works

  1. Creation: Our custom media team partner with you to understand your objectives, messages, audiences, and any interview sources. Our team craft a compelling article for you through a collaborative process where you review the article at several stages.
  2. Launch: Your branded content is published on our platforms, alongside our own news and research content, on a date of your choosing.
  3. Promotion: Your content is promoted by our marketing teams, leveraging our journals’ reach in the global scientific community, and ensuring you reach your desired audience.
  4. Reporting: Following your marketing campaign, you receive a reach and engagement report for your branded content.
  5. Additional: To keep connecting with your audience, you can serialize your story into a series of articles, videos, or webinars — and even collate your content on a bespoke ‘Collections’ page.  You can also publish your branded content within Nature’s special features and request PDF layouts and reprints of your branded content.
To create branded content for healthcare professionals, view our clinical custom content.



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