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Nature Methods Technology Feature – Genome Standards

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Nature Methods
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Dec 10
Genome Standards
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Jan 01

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Standards in genomics and why controls matter

DNA and RNA analysis and microbiome-based research involve the need for having confidence in one’s experimental design and workflow. By using standards and controls, labs can raise their confidence levels in their high-throughput sequencing experiments and thus in their results.

But finding the right controls, such as for a given RNA-sequencing experiment, is challenging. Some types of controls are not quite optimized for new technologies. Given the pace of technology development and the rise of large-scale studies, it can also appear to be a time-sink to find and characterize adequate controls. Yet with the right controls on hand, it is easier to trouble-shoot experiments and thwart artifacts.

This Technology Feature will cover:

  • Considerations when selecting standards
  • Optimizing the use of controls
  • Emerging standards in genomics

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