Boosting science communication support for researchers

Surveys from Springer Nature shed light on the challenges and opportunities researchers face in communicating their research beyond academic circles.

Science communication support

Key findings from a 2024 Springer Nature survey of researchers in Japan highlight both the eagerness of Japanese researchers to engage with the public and the need for additional support to effectively communicate their research findings. While 90% (n = 1000) express a desire to share their work beyond academic publications, approximately a third have not done so in the last three years or more.

The results corroborate a global survey conducted by Springer Nature in 2021 in which 97% of researchers (n = 516) felt that communicating science to the general public was important for their success, but 61% found it challenging.

These gaps indicate a need for enhanced support to bridge the disconnect between researchers and the broader audience.

They also represent a missed opportunity. With the latest global data showing that nearly 90% of the respondents from the general population trust science or scientists, effective science communication has the potential to positively influence events at a national or even global level. And today’s climate of misinformation has made science communication more important than ever.

At Springer Nature, we are committed to ensuring the research community has the platforms and resources to communicate their work.

In 2022, we organized the Japan Research Advisory Forum (JRAF) to build a stronger understanding of Japan’s needs in research. This (2024) survey is one of the ideas discussed among members of JRAF...we hope to continue to explore together opportunities on how we can better support researchers and discover ways to further promote research in Japan. — Nick Campbell, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Springer Nature

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