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A small country with big funding opportunities
Case Study: Science Foundation Ireland

A small country with big funding opportunities

Type of Institution
National foundation
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Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) is a national foundation for investment in scientific and engineering research, funding basic and applied research in STEM to promote the Republic of Ireland’s (ROI) reputation. It aims to promote ROI as a key choice of destination for researchers in order to recruit and retain world-leading talent.


As a small country with funding to support exciting science and a collaborative environment, SFI wanted to raise the visibility for ROI to a global audience. Bringing in international talent should generate R&D growth in STEM and promote collaboration between academia and industry.


In order to increase Ireland’s visibility and recruit international talent SFI partnered with Nature Research Custom Media to publish a conversation with Professor Mark Ferguson, Director-General of Science Foundation Ireland. The Inside View Q&A format is one that our readers expect and enjoy, so it delivers value to the audience while also promoting Ireland’s research reputation.

A six week, co-branded drive-to-site campaign used multiple channels to ensure effective reach and targeting. Extensive creative testing helped show which aspects of SFI’s message resonated most with the audience.

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The resulting Q&A allowed the Director-General to explain how Ireland is looking to support, develop, and recruit, junior and senior researchers. Engagement with the piece was strong, with an average of almost four five minutes spent on the article page. The marketing campaign delivered over 5,000 page views, with paid social promotion driving a significant portion of that traffic.

Average time spent on page was 3:40

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