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Designing an event series and branded content to showcase groundbreaking immunotherapy technology
Case Study: Immunomic Therapeutics

Designing an event series and branded content to showcase groundbreaking immunotherapy technology

Business leaders
Increased visibility
New partnerships
Showcase technology
Branded content
Event series


Immunomic Therapeutics (ITI) is a clinical stage biotechnology company pioneering investigational technologies that have the potential to alter how immunotherapy is used for cancer, allergies, and animal health. Their LAMP-Vax platform is thought to work by encoding the Lysosomal Associated Membrane Protein, an endogenous protein in humans. In this way, ITI’s vaccines have the potential to utilize the body’s natural biochemistry to develop a broad immune response including antibody production, cytokine release and critical immunological memory.


ITI was interested in bringing visibility to its LAMP-Vax technology capabilities, as well as expanding prospects for collaborations and partnerships within this highly dynamic field. But science and health innovation do not exist in a vacuum. There are cultural, social, and political aspects that can have a profound effect on funding priorities, public acceptance of new technologies, and mandates; not to mention the larger questions around individualism versus the greater good. So it was important to build bridges of goodwill and common ground among opinion leaders in science, policy, and business.


To help navigate that tricky landscape, ITI partnered with Scientific American Custom Media to explore the future of vaccine technology in light of some of the most pressing and significant social, political, and cultural challenges. The Scientific American Custom Media team developed the following:

Event series

In a series of salon-style events, researchers, policy makers, and business executives convened to explore the critical conversations happening around immunotherapy.

Branded content

The key discussion points from these events were the driving force behind branded content that was developed for Scientific American, accessible both online and in print.


The event series play a crucial role in helping ITI expand their contact network and strengthening relationships with industry executives. After meeting with panelists and attendees during all three events, multiple follow up discussions were planned, including an assignment to their scientific advisory board.

Three branded content pieces were developed by the Scientific American Custom Media team based on discussions that took place during the event series.

ITI Branded content example

Example of branded content that appeared on Scientific American

The published articles saw strong engagement and resulted in new leads for future collaboration.

Highlights from each event were also featured in Scientific American’s Agenda Setters promotional series:

Agenda Setters promotion example

One of the three Agenda Setters published in Scientific American

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