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Contextual advertising — reach scientists and healthcare professionals
Contextual advertising — reach scientists and healthcare professionals

Contextual advertising — reach scientists and healthcare professionals

Display your banner ads on Springer Nature articles based on keywords of your choice – with our contextual advertising solution, tailored to the scientific and healthcare communities.

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Why choose Springer Nature contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising powerful niche targeting

Powerful targeting

You can target niche scientific and medical keywords, from specific gene IDs to brand names - and exclude negative keywords such as competitor names.

Our audience specialists research keywords for you, avoiding the errors that can arise with AI-generated keyword lists.
Contextual advertising - death of 3rd party cookies

Death of the Cookie

Over 50% of global web traffic is already cookie-less.

Contextual targeting doesn’t rely on cookies or any tracking information. Instead of needing user information, it works by matching webpage content with ad content.
Contextual advertising - engagement and memorability

Engagement, memorability, and credibility

Your ad feels more natural because it’s relevant to the page content - increasing engagement.

Evidence suggests that i) relevant context can boost ad memorability, and ii) high-quality context can enhance ad and brand credibility.
Contextual advertising saves time and money

Saving time and money

Unlike other targeting approaches, you avoid wasting impressions on people who have no relevance to your product.

And setup is easy thanks to our audience specialists who work with you to identify keywords.
Contextual advertising in the moment

In the moment

Life moves at pace. Yesterday a potential customer bought some lab equipment; today they’re researching reagents.

Behavioral targeting might show them equipment ideas when it’s too late, but contextual targeting can display ads for reagents in the moment.
Contextual advertising to Spinger Nature influential audiences

Extensive reach to first-class audiences

Your ads appear across Springer Nature websites, including and, which reach 43 million researchers and health professionals on average every month!

Our journals attract the best and brightest researchers and clinicians to your ads.

How it works

We analyze web pages across our websites, including and, to match your banner ads with articles containing your chosen keywords.

Supporting your objectives...

- Brand building
- Employer brand building for recruitment
- Product launches
- Event registrations, and more!
How contextual advertising works


Make it part of your holistic, always-on approach to advertising 

As well as contextual targeting, we also offer audience targeting and journal targeting for your ads. Layering your targeting strategies builds your reach and visibility among potential customers, growing your audience and your brand’s memorability.

1) Add audience targeting:
Our web users are grouped into audience segments based on what we know about them from behavioral and demographic data. We have over 100 pre-built audience segments - such as lung cancer, gene expression, spectrometry, and hospitals, to name a few - and can build custom segments on request.
2) Add journal targeting:
You can display your banner ads on any of our 3000+ journals online (plus, you can advertise in our journal email alerts and print issues to reach customers across multiple touchpoints!).

Maintaining continuous advertising, as opposed to stop-start campaigns, further strengthens your brand recall with audiences.


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Request a media kit for more information
Request a media kit for more information
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