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An animated video journey inside RNAi
Case Study: Thermo Scientific

An animated video journey inside RNAi

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Thermo Scientific is a leading brand of tools and services for RNA interference (RNAi) research. A key marketing objective for their Molecular Biology products group is to maximize Thermo Scientific’s brand position and market share through engaging campaigns and support of innovative genetics content.


Nature Reviews Genetics produced an animated video journey inside a cell to show how RNAi works and to update the scientific community on the latest developments in RNAi research. Thermo Scientific financially supported the production of this innovative video animation. As sponsor, their logo and acknowledgement of support is displayed on the Nature Reviews Genetics website and the Nature Video YouTube Channelwhere the video has received a combined 110,000 views. What’s more, the animation was picked up by the Associated Press and played on massive displays in New York Times Square and the Las Vegas strip.

The animation is visually stunning- the scientific content and download numbers speak for themselves. We are delighted with the RNAi animation and the high visibility to the research and academic communities that it has given us.

Caroline Pritchard Marcomms Manager
Genomic Technologies
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