Connect to a live audience engaged in environmental awareness

Nature Careers webinar: How To Green Your Lab

The best approach to aligning yourself with the subject is to partner with us to put your message front and center on our webinar broadcast. It’ll precede an expert panel discussion about recent global trends, advice on managing a lab more sustainably, recycling, and more.

It’s your chance to start a conversation with the audience, showcase your brand as an employer, and highlight your research successes or unique practices.

Reach engaged scientists in the live and on-demand webinar:

Airdate is 5 August, so sign up to partner with us to create your narrative before 12 May.

Contact the sales representative in your region to discuss all options we have available and the costings – listed below.


New York Office

Doug Moran
Head of Client Solutions Americas
Tel: +1 212 726 9270

Michaela Taylor
Key Account Manager
Tel: +1 415 403 9045

Kara Urbanek
Key Account Manager
Tel: +1 212 726 9359

Drew Dargis
Advertising Account Executive
Tel: +1 212 726 9630


London Office

Matthew Ward
Head of Client Marketing Solutions Europe
Tel: +44 20 7014 4059

Craig Montsumi
Senior European Advertising Executive – UK/Ireland
Tel: +44 20 7843 2726

Devora Ivanova
European Advertising Executive – UK/Netherlands/Belgium
Tel: +44 20 7843 4944

Regina Frank
Senior European Advertising Executive – DACH/Eastern Europe
Tel: +44 20 7014 4084

Isabelle Alves
Senior European Advertising Executive – DACH/France/Luxembourg
Tel: +44 20 7843 4970

Marcos Valiente
Key Account Manager – Spain/Italy/Portugal/Scandinavia
Tel: +44 20 7843 4973

*Publisher data December 2020.
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