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Introducing the Technology Features

These editorially-independent features, published in the Nature and Nature Methods print journals and online on, spotlight scientists, the technology, and the methods they choose – their views of what works and what does not – providing key information that scientists globally can implement in their own labs.

25 Technology Features are being published in Nature and Nature Methods throughout 2020, and in November, Nature Methods is publishing its next Technology Feature on Microscopy.

The emergence of smart microscopy

Fluorescence microscopy has been instrumental in revealing the inner workings of cells, tissues, and organisms. A new frontier in fluorescence microscopy involves developing smart microscopes that can interface with computers to control and optimize sample imaging.

Smart microscopy integrates advances in microscope development that offer improved imaging speed, depth, and resolution with machine learning, including deep-learning algorithms. The goal is to teach the microscope how to take high quality sample images without human intervention, thus delivering ‘self-driving’ microscopes that offer image quality surpassing human experts.


The Technology Feature will cover:

  • Advances in smart microscopes for studying cell and developmental biology
  • Machine learning algorithms for image augmentation
  • Microscopes that enable improved super-resolution imaging

Publication & Publication Date: Nature Methods, November 2020
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