Audience segmentation: Targeted banner advertising

Targeted audience segmentationWhen it comes to digital advertising, finding your audience in a vast crowd of website visitors can be difficult.

Traditional targeting methods deliver your ad to a designated location. As a result, your ad appears for every visitor regardless of their actual interests. This can lead to wasted impressions, as well as missed opportunities to target the right people.

Fortunately, audience segmentation provides an extra layer of targeting, to ensure your ad reaches your target audience with precision!

How it works

At Springer Nature, we create audience segments based on a host of anonymous behavior identifiers that are compliant with major privacy regulations including GDPR. These identifiers include subject areas, keywords of interest, and journals.

As an advertiser, when you choose a segment, if a visitor’s behavior matches that segment’s criteria, they’ll receive your ad regardless of the page they are on — across all Springer Nature journals from Nature Portfolio, Springer, and BMC. Giving you powerful targeting and reach.

You can choose from subject area segments, place-of-work segments (e.g. ‘university hospitals’), and more!


Start targeting our audience segments today!

You can target our pre-built audience segments – find a sample below – or request a custom segment.

Sample of our audience segments
Note this is a sample only, so please get in touch for our full list. You can also request custom segments.
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