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Path to Publish

Researcher Services

Path to Publish is a suite of training, tools, and services to help your researchers to overcome their most common publishing obstacles and speed bumps.

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Empower your researchers. Advance their discoveries.

Give your researchers the innovative tools and services to enable them to write and publish their work more quickly, more efficiently, and more effectively and free up hundreds of hours for your PIs, faculty, and staff in the process.

  • Eliminate the guesswork from the publication process
  • Facilitate collaboration opportunities with academics across the globe
  • Improve funding opportunities with preprints to showcase research progress
  • Get results from bench to citation even faster—and enhance your institution’s research influence


Path to Publish includes:

On-demand training which draws on the expertise of Nature Portfolio journal editors. The platform includes courses for each stage of the research publication process from grant writing to data management to peer review, and beyond.
The most popular LaTeX-based writing and cloud based collaboration platform. Overleaf makes the process of writing, editing and publishing scientific documents quicker and easier for your researchers.
Give your researchers a fast and flexible AI-powered language editing tool you can use for all your academic writing. AJE Digital delivers results in minutes, not days or hours. Our digital editing product is trained on the edits of PhD-level editors from more than 447 areas of study and 2,000+ field specific topics, providing your researchers with a fast and effective editing tool.
Help your researchers get credit and gain visibility for their work as soon as they feel it's ready with publication as a preprint—on the world’s fastest growing platform. They can post their results online as a preprint —with a citable DOI, gain early feedback, and start making changes prior to journal peer review.


Once you partner with us on Path to Publish, our dedicated relationship team will support you every step of the way.

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