Nature Methods Technology Feature – Cancer and T Cells

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Cancer and T Cells

Harnessing the immune system to attack cancer is working in subsets of cancer types, through approaches such as checkpoint blockade and adoptive T cell transfer‐based therapies. But this approach does not work in all cases. That’s why labs are exploring new ways to characterize the interplay between cancer and the immune system. Researchers use various techniques, such as transcriptional profiling or gene‐editing and modeling to modulate this interaction. They strive to enhance the ability of immune cells to attack cancer cells. In the process, the labs are learning a lot about the immune system.

This Technology Feature will cover:

  • Techniques to characterize T cell exhaustion
  • Approaches to boost the ability of T cells to attack tumors
  • Immuno­modeling and the tumor micro-environment

Publication Name: Nature Methods

Topic: Cancer and T Cells

Booking Deadline: March 20, 2020

Materials Due: March 23, 2020

Publication Date: April, 2020

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