Powerful keyword targeting now available across all Nature Research, SpringerLink, and BMC articles

Dynamic Contextual Advertising displays your banner campaign alongside specific articles based on any keyword selection of your choice.

Previously only available on SpringerLink, BMC, and select Nature Research Open Access journals, the functionality has now expanded to all articles on Nature and Nature Research journals.

Why contextual advertising?

  • Save time – Our team can work with you to identify and manage your keywords
  • Save money – Ensure every impression is seen by relevant audiences
  • Improve targeting – Select niche keywords, from specific gene IDs to competing products and services
  • Increase CTRs – Contextual campaigns deliver 2X higher CTR than standard banners*
  • Increase memorability – Context can boost ad memorability
  • Better insights – Identify the top institutions that saw your message

Each targeting setup is unique, tailored to your needs, and can be optimized for the long term to maximize your ROI.

Talk to our team – please quote “Dynamic Contextual Advertising” in your message.

*Based on combined averages of standard units across nature.com from January – September 2019

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