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See how branded content delivered a dynamic brand story to an engaged audience
Case Study: Jackson ImmunoResearch

See how branded content delivered a dynamic brand story to an engaged audience

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Jackson ImmunoResearch found a new path to reach customers and share their stories

Gaining exposure, reaching the intended audience and building a lasting high-quality reputation can be an uphill battle in this competitive scientific market. To get there, organizations and institutions must tell complex science stories dynamically and deliver them effectively — a function branded content is uniquely well suited to perform.

When done well, branded content combines a unique brand narrative that comprises scientific insight of specific interest to the intended audience, and amplifies it through a strong editorial voice carried across relevant channels and networks.

A branded content campaign with Springer Nature gives organizations and institutions the expert support necessary to accomplish multiple difficult — but essential — tasks:

  • Pinpointing a compelling brand story worth conveying to a global audience
  • Creating meticulously crafted assets that translate complicated material into clear and vibrant science content
  • Forging a creative collaboration that includes support from editorial, multimedia, and marketing and advertising experts focused specifically on your goals
  • Reaching not only the audience you know, but the audience you want to know through a globally respected and trusted platform of unmatched digital and print journals

Jackson ImmunoResearch’s story

Jackson ImmunoResearch specializes in producing secondary antibodies and allied reagents for life-science applications with research and commercial uses. With facilities in both the US and UK, its distribution and procurement reaches around the globe.

A pragmatic company committed to a dependable approach to its science and service, Jackson ImmunoResearch sought new ways to communicate with — and expand — their audience without changing the tone of its advertising.

By partnering with Springer Nature, Jackson ImmunoResearch jump started its mission of communicating its product quality and clarity of vision to a broader —and younger — audience of science-minded customers.

A process of collaboration, built on mutual understanding

Designing a successful branded content campaign begins by fleshing out answers to essential questions:

  • What is the story the client wants to tell?
  • What goals does the client want to achieve, and whom do they want to reach?

Working together, Jackson ImmunoResearch and Springer Nature focused on formulating clear, strong answers to these questions, and then designed a comprehensive strategy of next steps built on a foundation of shared intention and mission.

A major component to crafting and delivering a narrative that captures a company’s core values is taking the time to understand the company itself.

Jackson ImmunoResearch values its reputation as a trusted producer and supplier of antibodies with an understated public persona. It bases its advertising and marketing endeavors on ethical statements grounded in integrity — a point of pride for the company and an important touchpoint with its customer base.

Its small size and ethical ideals manifest in a hands-on, detailed approach to its collaborations and a highly intentional and specific process of messaging and marketing.

Springer Nature helped guide the direction of the content while fully respecting and incorporating Jackson ImmunoResearch’s working style and organizational priorities. Open and consistent communication were key factors in the partnership, and helped facilitate an ongoing exchange of ideas that helped the project meet high creative and scientific standards.

Creating content, facilitating engagement

Jackson ImmunoResearch arrived at the project with clear goals and a firm corporate philosophy. Springer Nature worked from that foundation: adding its experience at funnelling ideas into sharper focus, then pairing those ideas with the writers, editors and photographers best suited to bring them to life.

The collaboration produced two branded content pieces, each putting Jackson ImmunoResearch’s strengths on display to a broader audience — specifically a younger generation of scientists and postdoc students.

The initial piece focused on cell and tissue labelling, followed by an article on immunological detection, which was spurred by a tremendous demand for antibodies.

Besides running on (one of the premier and most respected platforms for science discovery in the world), the content was promoted through a targeted marketing campaign that included promotional and native banners, ads, plus a carefully selected social media strategy designed to meet the specifically intended audience.

The Nature platform offers numerous points of contact with audiences both specific and general, and the marketing expertise of Springer Nature ensures engagement with whichever audience segment is desired.

Not only identifying–but engaging with–the right audience is a priority in any Springer Nature collaboration, and for Jackson ImmunoResearch the outreach was tailored to fit some precise segments.

For this campaign Springer Nature utilized its targeting technology to reach specific audience segments, including users interested in Antibody & Antibody Techniques, Microscopy and Cell Biology.

Detailed reporting on audience engagement confirmed that goals were met: the level of deep interaction sought by Jackson ImmunoResearch was achieved, not only via the amount of people who clicked on the content but how much time was spent reading the content.

Additional social media metrics reported back the positive reception based on shares and likes, which added further insight into the impact of the campaign.

This specific audience data can be built on for future campaigns: readers that have been reached can be retargeted for ensuing branded content efforts, building deeper relationships with prospective clients.

A final strategic move that reinforced a connection with present and future users was the development of a Collections page, which acts as a hub for all Jackson ImmunoResearch’s branded content. This dedicated page on conveniently showcases all of their content and serves as an ideal place to drive audiences.

Jackson ImmunoResearch began with a goal: reach a new, larger audience. With support from Springer Nature, it arrived at an original package of branded content that aptly represented its brand, extended its audience reach, and distinguished its work as high-quality and important. It also achieved a higher level of trust and visibility in a science ecosystem that places a premium on reputation.

Developing branded content helped Jackson ImmunoResearch meet important goals, and in the process boosted its brand profile without sacrificing its values or priorities.

Tell your story with clarity and purpose. Find the audience you are looking for, and engage them from numerous touchpoints. Put your work front and center, and spread the influence of your scientific breakthrough.

Put branded content to work for your brand and your science.

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