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See how branded content delivered a dynamic brand story to an engaged audience
Case Study: Jackson ImmunoResearch

See how branded content delivered a dynamic brand story to an engaged audience

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Background and objective

Jackson ImmunoResearch specializes in producing secondary antibodies and allied reagents for life-science applications with research and commercial uses. With facilities in both the US and UK, its distribution and procurement reach around the globe.

Seeking new ways to communicate its product quality and clarity of vision to a broader —and younger — audience of science-minded customers, Jackson ImmunoResearch partnered with Springer Nature.


To achieve its objective,  Jackson ImmunoResearch partnered with Springer Nature’s branded content solution.

Springer Nature’s branded content solution gives organizations access to expert support for what can be difficult tasks:

  • Crafting a compelling brand story that’s worth conveying
  • Translating complicated science into clear and vibrant content
  • Reaching not only the audience you know, but the audience you want to know
  • Drawing on a range of expertise from writers, editors, and art editors, to marketers and project managers

Springer Nature began designing Jackson ImmunoResearch’s branded content campaign by fleshing out answers to essential questions:

  • What is the story the client wants to tell?
  • What goals does the client want to achieve, and whom do they want to reach?

From Jackson ImmunoResearch’s clear goals and corporate philosophy, Springer Nature added its experience, funneling ideas into sharper focus, and then pairing those ideas with the writers, editors, and photographers best suited to bring them to life.

Open and consistent communication were key factors in the partnership and helped facilitate an ongoing exchange of ideas that helped the project meet high creative and scientific standards.


The collaboration produced two branded content pieces, each putting Jackson ImmunoResearch’s strengths on display to a broader audience — specifically a younger generation of scientists and postdoc students.

The initial piece focused on cell and tissue labeling, followed by an article on immunological detection, spurred by a tremendous demand for antibodies.

Besides running on, a respected platform for science discovery, the content was promoted through a targeted marketing campaign that included promotional and native banner ads, plus a carefully devised social media strategy designed to reach the intended audience.

For this campaign, Springer Nature utilized its targeting technology to reach specific audience segments, including Antibody & Antibody Techniques, Microscopy, and Cell Biology.

Detailed reporting on audience engagement confirmed the level of deep interaction sought by Jackson ImmunoResearch was achieved, not only via the amount of people who clicked on the content but how much time was spent reading the content. Additional social media metrics reported back the positive reception based on shares and likes.

The audience will be built on in future campaigns with Jackson ImmunoResearch: readers can be retargeted in future campaigns, building deeper relationships with prospective clients.

To further drive connections with present and future users, a Jackson ImmunoResearch Collections page was created on, acting as a hub for all their branded content and serving as an ideal place to drive audiences.

Jackson ImmunoResearch began with a goal: reach a new, larger audience. With support from Springer Nature, it arrived at an original package of branded content that aptly represented its brand, extended its audience reach, and distinguished its work as high-quality and important. It also achieved a higher level of trust and visibility within the scientific community.

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