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Primary ad position on the Nature Genetics monthly alert.
Case Study: Expression Analysis
Primary ad position on the Nature Genetics monthly alert.
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Expression Analysis launched a GWAS Grant Program awarding four deserving researchers access to their state-of-the-art genomics services.  They wanted to raise awareness of the GWAS Grant Program, attract researchers to the campaign landing page, collect a pool of qualified candidates, and generate leads for their sales team.


Expression Analysis targeted genetics researchers with Headline Positions on the Nature Genetics monthly alert along with an extensive print campaign targeted to readers of Nature and Nature Genetics. Their campaign with Nature Research delivered 185 grant requests in just 2 weeks; this is more than a competitor was able to deliver in 3 months.  What’s more, Expression Analysis audited the grant requests generated through Nature Research marketing channels and found that 98% were qualified researchers at legitimate organizations.

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I am overwhelmed with the results from our recent alert. campaign with NPG. It has delivered 185 requests in two weeks. This is more than [a competitor] was able to deliver in three months. What’s more, 98% of the requests we received came from qualified researchers from legitimate organizations. We are exceptionally satisfied with the level of service we’ve received from NPG.

Karen Michailo Director of Marketing
Expression Analysis
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