What can a branded content specialist do for you?

In order to stand out in a cluttered marketing landscape, leaders in science and health are looking for fresh strategies that connect with the habits of modern researchers and healthcare professionals. Using branded content is one way to do that, and a branded content specialist can help make sure it’s done well.

What is branded content marketing?

Branded content marketing is a style of marketing that amplifies a brand’s values and develops a stronger bond with users through relevant and engaging content. It incorporates storytelling and helps establish the voice of a brand without a typical sales pitch. When well-executed it’s an innovative way to develop a relationship with a target audience in a crowded marketing landscape.

What a branded content specialist can do for you

Creating a unique branded content marketing campaign from scratch can feel overwhelming. A lot of thought and craft are needed, and accessing the experience of a branded content specialist can help boost a project.

Subject matter authority
According to the Content Marketing Institute, marketers have cited accessing subject matter experts as one of their biggest content marketing challenges. A branded content specialist who understands the subject matter can convey complex topics with credibility and insight.

For science and pharmaceutical organizations looking to communicate their science via authoritative branded content, a specialist team should understand the topics being discussed and the audience― enabling them to bring relevant ideas to the table and convey complex scientific research in clear, simple terms, and also know the correct terminology to use.

Skillful in narrative-building and storytelling
Branded content marketing separates itself from other forms of advertising in large part due to the ingredient of narrative. Having a specialist who can write effectively and build that engaging narrative is key. For science brands, a specialist team of writers and editors can tell the story of the brand’s people, places, or ideas ―rather than focusing on a product― to spark conversation.

Audience knowledge & access
Branded content specialists understand how to develop content for a specific target audience, and then deliver and distribute that content to that specific audience using the most relevant platforms.

Project Management
The best content in the world can still fail if it’s poorly executed and launches behind schedule. Having project management that is transparent, efficient and solutions-focused is vital to keeping a branded content campaign on track for success.

Marketing and analytics expertise
As well as writers, editors, and project managers, a branded content specialist team can offer the support of marketers and analysts to ensure content effectively reaches its audience via marketing channels and is accurately measured to see what’s working and what’s not.

Expertise in action

When Indiana University (IU) celebrated its 200th birthday in 2020, it wanted to mark the important anniversary with a series of grand scientific challenges, and the IU School of Medicine set up the Precision Health Initiative for perhaps the most ambitious plan of all – to find a cure or effective treatment for at least one cancer.

To continue the fight against cancer, the IU School of Medicine was looking to recruit rising stars, so they partnered with our specialist custom media team to create branded content that would raise awareness of their Precision Health Initiative. Over a series of four branded content articles, our writers and editors told the story of their investments in technology and facilities, and put their faculty on the global scientific stage.

Each branded content article was published on nature.com and in print in the Nature journal, reaching scientists around the world. Each article was supported by a multi-channel marketing campaign, in which our marketers A/B tested the messaging and creative, and the marketing channels combined native, display, and social media advertising. The campaign delivered over 200,000 pageviews and strong engagement, with dwell time as high as nine minutes and scroll depth tracking showing that over half of users viewed between 50% and 100% of articles.

Our branded content team

A branded content marketing campaign with Springer Nature is an all-round option for organizations looking to enhance their brand’s reputation among distinguished scientific influencers.

Our team of specialists work with organizations to craft and publish content that infuses engaging narrative with rigorous science. And once our editorial team has helped guide the process of telling a compelling story, our marketing team creates a comprehensive campaign to skillfully deliver the content.

The end result is content that tells a unique brand story and is customized to reach a precise audience. Its impact can raise visibility and help broker conversations among influential science and healthcare professionals and institutions.

Doing branded content well requires a unique blend of skills, understanding, and experience, and you can benefit from leaning on a proven authority known for editorial expertise and scientific credibility such as Springer Nature.

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