Nature Research Academies in the Asia-Pacific region

Nature Research Academies in its 8th yearAs Nature Research Academies enjoys its 8th year, we’re reflecting on the impact our workshops have had. 

And as we conducted our first-ever workshops in Japan, back in 2017, we thought that the Asia-Pacific region is a good place to start!


>> Nature Research Academies has conducted over 150 workshops in APAC, training over 8,400 researchers.

>> Our expert trainers have had the pleasure of visiting many different cities in China, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and more.

>> Of the respondents to our surveys after our workshops, over 98% rated the overall quality of their workshop as either excellent or good.

>> The net promoter score (NPS) of the workshops is over 73, which is considered very positive.


About Nature Research Academies:

Nature Research Academies provides workshops at institutions around the world, training researchers in topics from ‘ Getting Published and ‘Communicating Your Research to Non-specialists’, to ‘Applying for Research Positions’ and ‘Academic Presentations’.

Interested in hosting an academy at your institution? Talk to our team for more details and pricing.


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