Industry to academia isn’t always a one way street

The latest Nature Careers guides on Faculty and Bioinformatics are live on, including branded content articles from partners.

“Why we left academia for industry, but then came back”.
 The Nature Careers Faculty guide speaks to four scientists who left academia for industry before eventually coming back, and asks their advice for academics considering their own transitions.

“Researchers who want to make the most of their data need to become comfortable not just with their pipettes but with data science, bioinformatics, and artificial intelligence”. The Nature Careers Bioinformatics guide helps scientists spice up their skill set with AI.

Branded content articles in the guides highlight partner organizations’ careers and degrees in bionformatics and innovative research taking place in Germany. To showcase your organization’s employer brand in upcoming Nature Careers guides, talk to our team today.


Nature Career GuidesAbout the Nature Careers guides:

Nature Careers is a leading jobs website and provider of career news and advice for scientists around the world.

The Nature Careers guides are special features published in the Nature journal, delivering career advice to scientists working in a particular research or geographical area or career stage.

Organizations are invited to advertise within the guides to grow their reputation and employer profile among scientists in their field.

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