Free market research on your BDJ ad

BDJ issue January 2022Find out if your BDJ ad gets noticed, read, and acted upon.

Print ad performance can be difficult to measure. However, by advertising in selected issues of the British Dental Journal (BDJ), you’ll receive a free ad study providing valuable feedback directly from dentists and readers of the BDJ.

With your free ad study, you can evaluate the impact of your creative, measure your brand recognition in the market, assess how readers respond to your messaging, and compare your ads to competitors’ ads.

Contact us to book an ad and request a free ad study — simply quote ‘BDJ free ad study’ in your message. 


Which BDJ issues are offering a free ad study?

Journal Title
Publication date
Free Ad Study
BDJ2nd issue in February AdEffect™
BDJ2nd issue in MayAdAppeal™
BDJ2nd issue in JulyAdImpact™
BDJ2nd issue in OctoberAdProbe™


How it works:

Following the selected BDJ issues, an independent research company studies a sample of readers, asking them questions regarding specific ads that appear in the study issue. The study is conducted via email and aims to hear from 100+ respondents. Participating advertisers in the study issue receive a complete results report approximately 8 weeks after the BDJ issue date.

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