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Third Party Email

Third Party Email

Proofing Time: 72 Hours (3 Business Days).

Please send your materials a minimum of 3 days before the send day. If materials are received after this deadline, we cannot guarantee that we can send the email on the booked day.


  • We require a fully tested HTML file with all images hosted. We also require an ANSI text file as a back-up.
  • Max width – 570px
  • Max file size – 75kBs


  • Use basic HTML 4.0
  • Stacked table structure is recommended over CSS.
  • Nested tables and advanced formatting such as colspans and rowspans can also be used
  • Center align the main table containing your HTML content
  • Use the attribute target=”_blank” with every link otherwise requested page will appear within webmail interface

The following are not accepted within the email template. Including these will delay the proofing of your mailing:

  • Microsoft Word format HTML code or text only emails
  • JavaScript
  • Any attachments
  • Flash or other plug-ins. Consider directing the user to a hosted landing page to view the plug-in instead
  • Animated gifs
  • Image only emails
  • Background images – can cause layout to appear incorrectly.
  • Image maps within HTML code 
  • Please note that although we accept ‘mailto’ email address links, we cannot track clicks for these


  • Regular HTML font formatting is recommended, inline style tags may be used but are not universally accepted by all email programs
  • Font styles are defined inline in the nearest tag <td> <a> or <span>
  • Include the full font attributes in each tag that contains HTML text or the font may default to the browsers settings
  • Define font in pixels not points


  • Use gifs or jpegs NOT png, tif or bmp
  • Images should have a resolution of 72dpi
  • All images included in the code should link to a full hosted URL
  • Define both height and width to prevent distortion
  • Do not display important content in images only

Required back up ANSI text file

  • This can be created using Notepad on a PC and Text Edit on a Mac. The text should be saved as a Text Document. Text template can be downloaded here: Download file here
  • Text must wrap after 70 characters
  • Untracked URLs should be on their own line and not exceed 70 characters
  • URLs which we track on your behalf must not exceed 255 characters
  • All text only emails must be supplied in an ANSI file – not Microsoft Word

Testing & Tips

  • Your html template should be fully tested across multiple email programs. You can do this by sending it to yourself and as many different email accounts as possible, ie. gmail, Outlook 2012/2013, (Hotmail)
  • Here’s a handy infographic for troubleshooting HTML emails:
  • The subject line should be no more than 8 words. The average email viewer can see 60 characters in the subject line before it is cut off.
  • We recommend the use of text editing software such as “Text Pad” which displays the current character number and replaces non ANSI symbols/characters. Text Pad is available for download at
  • Place high priority content near the top of the email so that it displays in preview panes
  • Make sure featured content exists in HTML text not only in images
  • Keep email length to a minimum to avoid excessive scrolling
  • Avoid using dark backgrounds with light coloured text as some e-mail clients do not support background formatting in HTML.
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