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iPad Advertising

iPad Advertising

Tablet ready static advert
The format of advertisements that we currently offer on iPad are static non-interactive images.

Full screen portrait specifications:

Width (live area) Height (live area)
768 (680) pixels 1,024 (914) pixels


Full screen landscape specifications:

Width (live area) Height (live area)
1,024 (936) pixels 768 (658) pixels


Material due dates

For more information on material due dates for iPad apps please contact your Account Manager.
Acceptable file formats for graphics

  • Artwork should be supplied in JPEG format
  • PDFs should not use any passwords or security options
  • Artwork should be pre-flattened so there is no transparent objects in the supplied file
  • Adobe Illustrator files need to be supplied with fonts and images or saved with images embedded and the text converted to outlines


  • All files must use RGB or greyscale color space
  • When using color management use the ‘Apple RGB’ profile


  • Embed or supply fonts as necessary
  • Do not use ‘multiple master’ fonts
  • Body 16-24pt; captions, copyright and disclaimers 10pt minimum


  • Images should be no less than 72dpi/ppi and no more than 120dpi/ppi
  • Both portrait and landscape files must be supplied

File size

  • Maximum file size for each orientation: 150kBs
  • Any files submitted should be under 5MB.s

Additional information
We recommend a 44px buffer area in the ad, this allows for navigation bars and tabs.
URL links are required

If you have any queries about the specifications or you have an advertisement to submit, please contact your Account Manager.

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