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Guidelines for Sponsor Talks at Sponsored Events

Guidelines for Sponsor Talks at Sponsored Events

Purpose and Positioning:

Sponsor Talks offer a platform for delivering informative content during events supported by your organization. The duration of each talk is tailored to the specific event type and will be specified accordingly. This opportunity positions your organization as part of the narrative alongside relevant editorial discussions.

Your Sponsor Talk should highlight research and development work being conducted at your organization that aligns with the scope of the event. Sponsor Talks must be conducted by employees or representatives directly engaged with the work or topic they are highlighting. These individuals should be recognized as opinion leaders within the scope of the event.

Thought Leadership and Audience Engagement:

The goal of your Sponsor Talk is to demonstrate thought leadership, build trust, and foster loyalty among event attendees. The most effective Sponsor Talks are those that provoke discussion. Keep in mind that the content should be written and presented with a generalist audience in mind. Sponsor Talks must not be used to promote your products or services explicitly. Since you will already be introduced as the sponsor organization, your organization logo will be visible throughout the event.

Alignment with Scientific Principles:

We encourage Sponsor Talks that uphold the integrity of Nature Portfolio Brands and adhere to widely accepted principles of scientific accuracy and integrity. Please note that Sponsor Talks cannot be used to present unpublished data or provide subjective reviews of research accomplishments.

Clear Labeling and Transparency:

Sponsor Talks featured at Springer Nature events will be clearly labeled with “SPONSOR TALK” and “SPONSOR RETAINS SOLE RESPONSIBILITY FOR CONTENT.” Any related marketing materials will also include the name or logo of the partner organization in a clear and transparent manner.

Language Requirement:

All submissions for Sponsor Talks must be in English.

Content Review:

All partner-supplied content will be reviewed. For live events, this review process will be conducted by Nature Research Custom Media editors to ensure compliance with these guidelines. Nature Portfolio Reserves the right to veto content or request revisions if it is found to be in breach of these guidelines or deemed unsuitable for our audiences. Nature Portfolio reserves the right to veto speakers nominated by your organization if they do not meet these guidelines.

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