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Employer Profiles

Employer Profiles

Employer profiles are designed to present an overview of an organization, department or funding initiative to a scientific audience.


  • All you need to do is provide the text for your profile. We’ll lay out the text in one of our print or online templates, and you will approve the profile for publication.
  • Please note that carrying out interviews with representatives from your organisation is not part of our standard service for employer profiles. If you are interested in promoting your organization via an interview with a senior representative, please ask your Naturejobs contact about our ‘Inside View’ advertorial option.


Based on feedback from our users, we recommend the following structure for basic employer profiles:

  • Initial introductory paragraph
    • Type of organization
    • Reasons for recruiting, e.g. new roles due to expansion programme, etc
    • Target audience for profile (who are you hoping to attract to your organization?)
  • About your organization
    • Research focus
    • Strategic aims
    • Research facilities
    • Recent developments/research breakthroughs
  • Facts and figures
    • Number of scientific employees, with a breakdown for main career stages, e.g. number of PhD students, postdocs, etc
    • Key locations
    • Annual research budget
  • Current opportunities
    • Overview of available roles (if applicable)
  • Employee benefits
    • Overview of benefits, e.g. salary, pension, healthcare cover, workplace facilities, etc
  • Contact details for more information


  • Staff profilesProfile of one to three senior staff members, to include:
    • Name and job title
    • Photograph
    • One-paragraph summary of role

Word count        

Approximately 800 words (1,600 words for a two-page print profile)

employer profiles

Example Employer Profile (online version)

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