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Building a sustainable program of publishing training for researchers
Case Study: Universitas Gadjah Mada
Building a sustainable program of publishing training for researchers
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Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) is one of the oldest universities in Indonesia, located at the Bulaksumur Yogyakarta Campus. UGM partnered with Nature Research to support the university’s publications in international scientific journals. Working with Nature Research, the university is building a sustainable program of publishing training for their researchers.

Training services

UGM partnered with two Nature Research training services: Nature Masterclasses and Nature Research Academies.

Nature Research Academies hosted publishing workshops to provide comprehensive training for all UGM faculty members and researchers, covering core topics such as authorship, plagiarism, manuscript preparation and submission, and reviewer feedback.

To support UGM’s more advanced researchers and faculty members, many of whom have experience in publication, Nature Masterclasses ran a series of intensive workshops delivered by Nature Research journal editors. For postgraduate students writing their first papers, UGM subscribed to the Nature Masterclasses online course in scientific writing and publishing, granting institution-wide access.

Training opportunities

Hosting the training

At the first Nature Research Academies workshop that UGM hosted, 75 researchers and faculty were joined by Dr. Jeffrey Robens, an Editorial Development Manager at Nature Research. The the participants were from life sciences (39.6%), physical sciences (22.9%), and clinical medicine (22.9%).

The first Nature Masterclasses workshop hosted by UGM was delivered by Dr. Louise Adams, Senior Editor of Nature Reviews Disease Primers, and Dr. Kyle Legate, Senior Editor of Nature Communications. The participants were a group of 30 senior scientists, mostly lecturers. All the participants had some publishing experience and 69% of participants had more than 15 published papers.

Feedback and outcomes

98.8% of participants rated their workshop as excellent or good

UGM researchers participating in the Nature Research Academies and Nature Masterclasses workshops completed feedback forms that have been summarized below.

Nature Research Academies participants:

  • 97.9% of respondents felt the overall quality of the workshop was either excellent (89.6%) or good (8.3%)
  • 100% strongly agreed that the trainer was knowledgeable
  • 100% either strongly agreed (83.3%) or agreed (16.7%) that they will be able to apply what they have learnt to their work

Nature Masterclasses participants:

  • 100% of respondents either strongly agreed (61%) or agreed (39%) that they “learned a lot from the workshop”
  • 94% thought the level of the workshop was appropriate
  • 83% either strongly agreed (44%) or agreed (39%) that they “felt more confident in writing and submitting manuscripts”

Through the Nature Research training program, UGM is providing valuable support to its researchers, helping them publish in higher quality journals. And as an institution, UGM hopes for longer-term reputational and societal impacts.

As put by Dr. Widodo at UGM, if “the increased publication reports novel academic findings, hopefully they can be adopted by industry and then delivered to the benefit of society”.

“We wanted to offer the training for researchers and faculty members because they are the driving force in publication - researchers, postgraduate students and faculty members are the main actors who do research and publish their findings in journals.”

Dr. Widodo
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