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Creating targeted content & campaigns across scientific audiences
Case Study: Strategic content marketing campaigns

Creating targeted content & campaigns across scientific audiences

Policy makers
Industry leaders
Science inspired consumers
Increase awareness
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Executive Summary

How can a strategic content marketing campaign help you cut through the noise to reach powerful new audiences? Let’s look in detail at the ways a targeted campaign across multiple scientific audiences works, when to embark on one, and where it can take you.


Across every segment of the scientific community, COVID-19 has disrupted well-established routines and modes of communication.

Academic and research institutions are grappling with the ramifications of dislocation and physical distancing on their campuses and labs.  Clinicians and other health care providers are adapting to a new reality of reorganized priorities and increased time pressures.  And an assemblage of science influencers including corporate thought-leaders, policymakers, non-profit funders, and engaged science-minded citizens are all dealing with uncertainty in their respective landscapes.

How then, during this unsettled time, can you connect with and inform this potent collection of audiences, and deliver the right message to the precise audience you hope to reach to optimize your impact?


A successful content marketing campaign needs not only dynamic content  promoting your message, but a cohesive strategy for reaching the audiences where — and when — it can have the greatest impact. This white paper will examine how such a campaign can work, and what it can offer you.

The world of science, technology and healthcare features an overlap of audience segments — all of which require specialized communications that speak directly to their specific needs.

Springer Nature can adapt your market messaging across a continuum of scientific audiences including:

  • Researchers in specific fields of study
  • Clinicians and practitioners in the scientific community at large
  • A science-minded public and business leaders who influence policy

The Springer Nature Audience Continuum connects your organization with a dynamic spectrum of highly impactful science advocates. Whether they reside within corporate, non-profit, governmental, healthcare or public spheres, the audience you need to reach is waiting to hear your story.

That story could be best served by micro-targeting a niche audience within an audience, or a broader campaign that spreads the word amongst a wider set of funders and consumers. The optimal strategy can be customized to extend and amplify your message.

Forging a partnership that enhances your understanding of these audiences– and how they interact with each other–can ensure the delivery of a poignant, effective marketing campaign.

Springer Nature’s distinctive combination of online journals, databases, digital content and in-print publications form the backbone of a prestigious platform which gives marketers the tools to:

  • Communicate the transition from the research stage to inform practitioners about forthcoming innovations
  • Articulate and design campaigns around the role of science and policy influencers
  • Understand how research institutions and universities collaborate and share knowledge
  • Know where labs and hospitals look to stay in step with the newest equipment and products on the market
  • Establish a marketing foothold by incorporating shared scientific knowledge between audiences
  • Help build out a base of research-minded influencers who want to be in the loop of important scientific work you have in the pipeline

The intersection of highly specialized research journals and broad science publications is part of what distinguishes Springer Nature and it’s audiences. With a collection of over 3,000 journals ranked #1 in 37 categories, the research publication portfolio is unsurpassed.

Combine this with the consumer cachet of Scientific American, which reaches a diverse audience of science-minded citizenry of over:

  • 8 million monthly digital/print readers
  • 7 million followers on social media
  • 48 million social impressions

Beyond a trusted menu of distribution choices, Springer Nature offers a range of media messages and platforms to access this diverse set of audiences with a strategic focus on what will work best:

  • Content. Work with Springer Nature to create branded and sponsored content that demonstrates thought leadership and highlights collaborations.
  • Events. Bridge today’s social distances with virtual conferences and webinars that builds a reputation for your while providing useful insight and best practices to your peers.
  • Skills. Provide your researchers with the tools they need to represent your institution at the highest level.

Build and deploy a robust branded content partnership with Springer Nature in 4 stages

Choosing a branded content campaign is a versatile option for marketers and organizations looking to broaden their profile or leverage their brand’s reputation across a distinguished spectrum of scientific champions.

A potent mix of content which tells a unique brand story and is customized to reach a precise array of eyes and ears will raise visibility and help broker conversations among science professionals and science-minded influencers.

Here’s a look at how a branded content partnership takes shape, and how it can function as a tactical solution for organizations looking to tell a compelling story.

Stage 1: Pre-interview and choosing your story

Building a branded content campaign starts with honing a narrative unique to your organization that can engage and excite audiences along the continuum.

For academic institutions this could mean spotlighting the creative minds at the helm of the most exciting research projects in house, bringing attention to the crucial innovation developing from within.

For therapeutic or pharmaceutical developers and medical device manufacturers, it’s the ability to reach clinicians and other health care professionals by honing a marketing campaign armed with a deeper understanding of their time restraints, content preferences, and delivery expectations.

And for marketers hoping to access a broader scope of influential policymakers, C-suite executives and other powerful science-minded citizens, it customizes a strong message — institutional prestige, expertise in the field, consistent excellence — and teams it with a formidable platform that can hit all the key consumer touch points.

Whatever the specific message or intended audience, this is the stage of narrative development where a dynamic story is distilled and key storytellers within the organization are chosen to participate.

It’s a key opportunity to drive interest and attention toward the noteworthy accomplishments of an organization, whether it is research-oriented, clinically useful, or a broadly-based science initiative.

While the objectives of the campaign take shape, and talented specialists are hand-picked to be interview subjects, Springer Nature will assign a talented team — writer, editor and project manager — to your story.

After deciding on the best mode of distribution — digital only, print only, or both digital and print — this stage will also be devoted to reviewing advertorial options, with publication productivity and patterns of collaboration supplied by the Nature Index database helping to guide the visual layout process.

As this stage concludes a clearly defined piece — or package — of content will be ready to evolve from concept to reality. Distribution channels will have been chosen to fit the audience, advertorial layout with visual analytic input decided upon, and the institution’s superstar talent is ready to share their expertise.

Step 2: Interview and narrative crafting

Once interview subjects are chosen,  time will be arranged for the writer to conduct interviews with the subjects to get first-hand insights into the work that is done. They can then begin crafting a compelling story filled with first-hand expertise.

The power of the content will emanate from the interview subject, whose knowledge and perspective will be the driving force that propels the narrative forward.

This can be bench scientists on the cusp of an important breakthrough in research. Or clinicians with first-hand knowledge of what healthcare professionals on the front lines need to provide world-class care.

It could also take the form of a corporate purchaser who can speak to the breadth of Springer Nature’s audience reach and the tactical focus of their branded content campaigns.

No matter the specific approach, the result will be a draft of the story, complete with a well-attuned headline, that has been shared and fact-checked for accuracy with the interview subjects.

Step 3: Editing and workflow

The editor will now step in and review the content to make sure it works: the tone of the narrative will reflect the client’s voice and the style of the writing will be consistent with the brand’s mission and values.

The project manager will share the content with the client and feedback will be encouraged. Internal approval must be gained in this stage, and the project manager will act as a conduit between the editor and the client to make sure the content is exactly right.

Step 4: Production and optimization

Once the content has been approved by the client, and revised again by the editor, it moves into the production stage.

The story gets laid out in the agreed upon format, and after final versions are shared with the client for any minor feedback or edits, the content is ready to be printed or published live online.

Our team of editors and specialists can work with the institution to publish branded and sponsored articles. Each package is supported by a multi-channel traffic campaign that A/B tests messaging and creative approaches. The channels combine native and display ads with social media advertising and email promotion.

The client can now watch as a well-crafted piece of customized content traverses a continuum of audiences, carried by a platform of unparalleled reach and recognition.

Key Take-away

Maximize the impact of your research by promoting your institutions achievements across a variety of channels. Micro-target your message — and brand — to deliver a strong story to the crucial academic purchasers you seek.

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