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Putting regional excellence on an international stage
Case Study: Nature Italy

Putting regional excellence on an international stage

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The last few years have confirmed what has always been true: science is key to meeting complex societal challenges. 

Unfortunately, in polarizing times science can be misrepresented and ignored, leading audiences to find it harder and harder to ascertain fact from fiction and harbor wariness or skepticism, dampening the positive impact of research being done around the world. 

Promoting authoritative scientific work is more important than ever and can extend the influence of discoveries from one region to another.

It was in this spirit that Nature Italy was created. 

A landscape in need of a scientific voice

The environment in Italy had become more combative towards scientists, as anti-vaccination and misinformation agendas gained momentum in the wake of COVID-19.

A clear, authoritative voice was needed, one that could address intricate topics with credibility and help fortify scientific literacy in the midst of a public health ―and information― crisis.

Additionally, when it comes to media coverage of scientific discoveries, it is common for outlets to concentrate on the discoveries that impact the whole world, deprioritizing regional problems, and their scientific solutions.

As a result of this landscape, scientists in Italy lacked a platform to showcase their work effectively ― which stifled collaboration, pushed homegrown talent to look elsewhere for exposure and recognition, and meant scientists around the world were missing out on Italian discoveries.

Retaining talent and increasing the visibility of Italy’s best researchers was especially urgent given the competitive research landscape in Europe. By magnifying the profile of Italy’s top researchers and their work, a global audience could better appreciate the vitality of Italy’s research and scientific institutions. 

Nature Italy fills a void

The goal was a resource that would focus on important research, news, and issues of science policy in Italy, and act as a conduit connecting Italian scientists with each other and a wider audience of researchers around the globe. 

The solution: Nature Italy, a freely available digital magazine devoted to serving and promoting the needs of Italy’s scientific community.  

Launched in October of 2020, Nature Italy fuses a strong editorial pedigree with a proven digital platform.  

The site includes a variety of content, such as:

  • Research highlights Summaries of recently published scientific papers with Italian affiliations, distilling the research for a broad or non-specialist audience
  • Science News Updates and dispatches on major regional issues of the day, on topics ranging from science and health to the economy and the environment
  • Feature stories In-depth commissioned articles written by science journalists examining topics of interest for both national and international audiences
  • Opinion pieces and commentary A forum for Italian scientists to offer their perspectives on discoveries and debates relevant to ongoing policy discussions in science. 

Published by Nature Portfolio and staffed by an experienced editor and a team of proven journalists, Nature Italy is held to the exacting standards Nature is known and trusted for. Editorially independent, Nature instills in its partnerships a seal of scientific integrity that matters and carries weight among a global science audience.  

Available in both Italian and English, the free-to-access site brings Italian researchers together while putting their work on a larger stage than previously possible. Italian researchers now have a better platform for constructive, fact-driven dialogue centered on science compared to what was available to them a few years ago.      

And Nature’s global audience now has a front-row seat to major developments in Italian science and technology, and the accomplishments of the research community there. 

Clear impact, clear results

Since launching, Nature Italy has achieved impressive engagement, reaching readers from around the world on a range of topics. 

Here are some examples of the site’s scope of content and impact:

  • Significant publishing footprint The site published 158 articles in 2021 alone, a mix of news, features, Q&A’s, commentaries, and research highlights 
  • Impressive engagement In its initial year after launch, Nature Italy had nearly 283,000 visitors to the site, viewing almost 411,000 pageviews and spending an average of 7:55 on each page
  • A showcase for research 40 Italian research papers were spotlighted in 2021, gaining valuable exposure in the process
  • A spotlight on regional scientists and writers Fresh voices in Italian science have gained new exposure, whether as writers  (18 Italian science journalists were featured in 2021), commentators (22 Italian experts participated in Q&As and commentaries), interview subjects (124 scientists were quoted for stories), or as the focus of feature profiles
  • Online events 2 major virtual events were hosted on the site in 2021, featuring 9 speakers and over 1000 attendees 
  • Steady growth The audience continues to build, as evidenced by increased pageviews and sessions each month of 2021
  • Worldwide audience A global readership beyond Spain, representing over 11 nations all across the world, including India, South Africa, Canada, the USA, the UK, and many European countries

Nature Italy joins other research regional portals such as Nature India, Nature Middle East, Nature Africa, Nature Asia, and Nature Digest as important pillars of fact and accuracy for local research communities that have the power to connect with an international audience. 

Helping grow and nurture science

These freely available Nature regional portals aim to bring together all research assets and know-how of a country or region and present them to a global audience.

Developing and sustaining a regional hub would be impossible without the generous support from organizations tasked with nurturing a research-based economy and in turn society. Sponsors and patrons can align with Nature’s renowned authority and impact, by joining us in supporting the dissemination of the results of science to a wider possible audience.

Help researchers and institutions get the attention they deserve, and provide momentum for influential work to increase its impact on society.

Sponsor a regional portal and advance the pursuit of scientific and medical discovery.  Contact us today.

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