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Raising clinicians’ awareness of high-impact medical technology during a distracted time
Case Study: How to make the clinical market aware of your latest innovations

Raising clinicians’ awareness of high-impact medical technology during a distracted time

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A global medtech manufacturer expends a tremendous amount of time, effort, and money each year to generate awareness of its newest products for oncology and radiology departments of hospitals around the world.

It is difficult getting feedback and input from experts in the field while simultaneously reaching the decision-makers in the health and research institutions who purchase the equipment. That’s doubly true during the current pandemic, when budgets and attention have shifted to battling COVID-19.


The manufacturer must drive awareness of a new device with a targeted audience of hard-pressed clinicians.


To promote its product across channels its audience knows and trusts, the manufacturer partners with Springer Nature to aim its message with unrivaled precision.

The campaign will reach clinicians and healthcare professionals across Springer Nature’s platforms of SpringerLink, and BioMed Central websites which publish over 3,000 journals and generate 45.7 million page views from healthcare users per month.

  • Our team of editors and specialists work with the client to:
    • Publish a series of branded content pieces on the device, featuring clinicians who have used it to improve their work
    • Sponsor a video on radiotherapy
    • Run a custom webcast targeted to clinical audiences on disease awareness, specific to what the device will treat
  • Each package is supported by a multi-channel traffic campaign that A/B tests messaging and creative approaches. With such large scale audiences, Springer Nature has invested heavily in data-driven targeting technologies to precisely reach niche audiences based on the type of clinical sites they are visiting, and types of articles they are reading. The marketing campaigns combine native and display ads with social media advertising and email promotion. Using audience data and real time reporting, the Springer Nature marketing team applies retargeting tactics to move the audience through the funnel.


Engagement with the content is high, the campaign maximizes efficiency and the content is highly relevant to a very specific set of readers. This results in the client having a long list of warm leads to follow up with. The campaign hits the key stages of the marketing funnel for the client:

  • The video delivers awareness
  • The branded content builds engagement
  • The webcast generates leads

Additionally, site traffic and hits to the manufacturer’s website increase following the campaign, driving interest in its other devices and future offerings.

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