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Streamlining STEM hiring with a recruitment subscription
Case Study: The Rosalind Franklin Institute

Streamlining STEM hiring with a recruitment subscription


The Rosalind Franklin Institute is a national research center located at the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, in Oxfordshire, England.  The Rosalind Franklin Institute is dedicated to developing disruptive new technologies designed to tackle major challenges in health and life sciences, with the aim to accelerate the discovery of new medicines and diagnostics and push forward microbial and plant sciences for a deeper understanding of human health and disease.

Recruitment Strategy

In previous years, the Rosalind Franklin Institute purchased job posting packages from Nature Careers on an ad hoc basis.  In 2023, they experienced a substantial increase in new vacancies, leading them to purchase a Nature Careers recruitment subscription, which comes with unlimited branded job postings. The unlimited credits were a more cost-effective option and allowed the Rosalind Franklin Institute to easily action recruitment adverts without having to monitor their credit spend each time.

Rosalind Franklin Institute’s Recruitment Subscription



“The Nature journals are some of the leading scientific journals for research purposes, so we knew that advertising with Nature would increase our exposure and attract more talent in this area. The [Nature Careers] team were always on hand to answer any questions we had relating to advertising. Very friendly, personable and efficient service which we value highly especially when we experience busy periods in recruitment. Overall, we are very happy to be using Nature Careers as one of our advertising boards, it has made a difference to the amount of candidates we attract to the Franklin globally as we continue to promote the Rosalind Franklin Institute’s brand.”

Aneta Kingston Recruitment Specialist
Rosalind Franklin Institute
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