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Our award-winning multimedia team creates animated or documentary videos that convey complex material in ways that our audiences will value and share. Each video is crafted to meet a client’s needs, and bring your stories to life. Showcase research achievements, celebrate scientific leadership, inspire interest, educate target audiences or recruit talent.


Videos should tell an interesting story. We recommend that the video be accessible to researchers watching outside of their area of expertise. If you aim to target a specific audience, let us know during the kick-off call so that the tone of the piece can be pitched accordingly.

Video types (time to create varies, but is a minimum of 16 weeks)

  • Explainers – Translate complex science into shareable stories that educate broader scientific and/or professional audiences. Animation can be full-length 2D or mixed media. Both include simple animations, B-roll and archival images, and a voiceover.
  • Interviews – Describe the work of a leading researcher to raise awareness and impact.
  • Documentaries – Tell the stories of scientific achievements with emotion and impact.
  • Events – Distribute the impact and insights of an event to entirely new audiences. Can be a full event video or a highlights reel.


  • Videos, except for those capturing full events, are no more than 4 minutes, and are optimized for the partner’s preferred distribution platform (web and/or social media)


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