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Inside View

Inside View

Inside Views showcase your talent and expertise, and provide useful advice. They consist of an interview with one person of your choice: a director, an employee, or maybe a client or student. Anyone you like who can provide an interesting perspective.

Editorial content

Inside View ExampleThe best Inside Views give readers information to help them in their research: to solve a challenge, improve their technique, or provide a field overview. When filling in the briefing form and advising us on your key messages, consider how you can help Springer Nature’s audience, and keep focused on research.


In print we only require one headshot of the interviewee. This must be print quality (resolution of 300 dpi).

Online (and for marketing and promotion) we also need an engaging image to lead the article. This image should relate to the editorial content and ideally be science-focused. We can do our own photo research, but nothing beats a unique image from your own labs. If you can, provide us with a variety of images, preferably dynamic, science-focused shots, e.g. researchers working or interacting in the lab, or interesting experimental images, e.g. micrographs, digital models or other data visualizations. Avoid images of buildings.


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