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Branded Content

Branded Content

Highlight your technology, research, event or institutional achievements, and position your organization at the centre of scientific conversation. Written in a journalistic style, we capture the key messages to appeal to your target audience. Branded Content uses photos and graphics to bring the stories to life. Place your organization at the forefront of trends in the wider research community, and align yourself with high-quality research.

Editorial content

branded content exampleWhile it is tempting to focus on your strategic goals, or your institutional or corporate values, we see much greater engagement when you focus on the research. When filling in your briefing form, try to think about what new experiments does your technology enable? What do you study that is unique? What great results have you achieved? What courses do you offer that no-one else does? Make sure it’s timely and fresh.

Images & figures

Images feature prominently in the article and in promotional materials. We can do our own photo research, but nothing beats a unique image from your own labs or event. If you can, provide us with a variety of images using these guidelines:

Yes – Dynamic, science-focused shots, e.g. researchers working or interacting in the lab. Diversity of gender and ethnic background. Interesting experimental images, e.g. micrographs, digital models or other data visualizations.

No – Headshots, photos of buildings, commercial product shots, official/posed photos.

For an additional fee, we can redraw figures you supply. These should be based on scientific processes or data visualizations. We cannot accept organizational charts, logos, mascots, or other images with low information content.


branded content exampleInstitutional profiles:


Corporate thought leadership:

Research digest (always 1 page):

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