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A training resource targeted to the needs of today’s researchers

It takes more than scientific talent and exceptional data for early-career researchers to jump out and begin to build a reputation among research peers.

Researchers build better reputations when they have access to a diverse set of resources—engaging writing, effective communication and strategic networking outlets, all of which enable those starting out to create a dynamic foundation for career success.

Nature Masterclasses are designed with dual aims in mind: meeting the needs of modern researchers by meticulously developing content researchers themselves demand, while applying a process of scrutiny and vigor that meets the high standards of Springer Nature.

The result is a growing portfolio of courses that deliver expertly-crafted material in highly relevant areas of need.

Pertinent topics for researchers

Nature Masterclasses on-demand courses are designed with an unwavering commitment to scientific and journalistic integrity that encompasses each stage of course design.

Course topics aren’t chosen from anecdotal assumptions of what researchers are interested in, but rather from a detailed analysis of survey material gathered from the research community.

Data ―not speculation― informs course development priorities: research helps us not only to identify the training topics of utmost importance to researchers in the coming 12-to-18 months, but the course content itself is selected with a data-driven approach, as are the delivery preferences that ensure an impactful learning experience.

Courses reflect the high-priority needs of present-day researchers, and are not developed until fully vetted and proven as a topic of relevance and demand.

Where in the research cycle do researchers want support?

In 2021, Springer Nature ran a Nature Masterclasses global survey to understand their researcher needs. 456 researchers completed the survey, telling us that they need support across the entire research cycle:

  • 79% of researchers struggle with ideation
  • 75% of researchers struggle with writing grant proposals
  • 81% of researchers struggle with data visualization
  • 81% of researchers struggle with communicating findings to peers
  • 78% of researchers struggle with networking

Content and teaching expertise

Once a topic is chosen, Nature Portfolio’s expert team of editors, researchers and science professionals begins developing the curriculum. Course content follows a vigorous, peer-reviewed process, and a dual emphasis is placed on providing scientific validity that meets the standards of a journal editor with teaching strategies that meet the standards of a science educator.

In addition, course content is subjected to frequent testing with a user panel, resulting in iterative improvement all along the course development process (from outline to launch). This attention to detail and responsiveness ensures that researcher’s needs are met.

Current Nature Masterclasses on-demand training covers nine courses with ~45 hours of content, include a diverse range of research topics, including:

A unique learning resource

Nature Masterclasses on-demand features exacting knowledge delivered on a unique platform that gives researchers the flexibility to customize their learning experience to their own habits and schedules.

The learning platform offers a spectrum of benefits to busy researchers:

  • Bite-sized learning model built around 15-minute information-rich lessons that convey maximum information in a concentrated time
  • Total control in the form of on-demand access to lessons, videos and online activities
  • Courses that are organized into targeted modules that divide each topic into clear, manageable sections
  • Multimedia formats, including interactive exercises within the modules to ensure an optimal learning experience
  • Asynchronous delivery, which makes course material accessible anytime and from anywhere, and allows for progress status that can be saved for self-paced learning
  • English language subtitle and transcripts

Not only can research institutes give their researchers access to all of the courses listed above, they open the door for future courses as well.

The suite of resources will expand further in 2022 with a further four new course launches.

Expert support for careers on-the-rise

Researchers thus have a potent and far-reaching learning library at their disposal, a unique advantage in their development as they grow applicable skills and experience.

Researchers that can access and optimize elite learning opportunities will boost their career trajectory.

Nature Masterclasses also demonstrates a tool to support your researchers in a time where in-person contact isn’t guaranteed.

Provide researchers with access to learning resources that are available anytime, from anywhere, all with expertise from the leading science publisher in the world.

Find out more at Nature Masterclasses.

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