Our audience continuum: reach academic, clinical, corporate, and public-sector influencers

audience continuum

Example: A manufacturing company wants to promote its latest innovation in materials science, a new compound.

How can the manufacturer inform institutions, healthcare professionals, prospective corporate customers, and the general public, about its use?

The company’s own product is a key component in a range of revolutionary solutions in multiple markets — and has great potential to improve many more. But it’s challenged to convey the depth of its research to practitioners in specific fields as well as its wider implications across industries.

Partnering with us

The company works with Springer Nature to create an awareness campaign that promotes the advantages of its new compound and conveys the record of scientific excellence that went into creating it. It teams up with Springer Nature to communicate across the audience continuum:

  • For clinicians, we target readers of relevant content with branded content that communicates the advantages of the compounds utilized in medical equipment.
  • For researchers, a webcast series on nature.com discusses the application of the compound for laboratory equipment.
  • For policymakers and the public, on Scientific American, a series of branded and sponsored articles examine the social benefits of real-world applications that use the new material.

Each effort across the audience spectrum is supported by a multi-channel traffic campaign that A/B tests messaging and creative approaches. The channels combine native and display ads with social media advertising and email promotion.

This continuum-wide campaign puts the company’s work front and center by emphasizing its practical benefits to multiple industries. Key decision-makers now have the knowledge to recommend using in their lab or clinic. The webinars have delivered actionable leads.

By reaching a larger audience, the campaign spurs interest in the products that include the new compound, and engages new manufacturing partners who want to use it.


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