Springer celebrates 180 years

Jeff Bezos once said when talking about the lifespan of Amazon, that companies ”tend to be 30-plus years [and it is rare for them to be] hundred-plus years”. And yet 180 years ago this year, in 1842, a young Julius Springer set up the Julius Springer Publishing House with just four employees.

From that four-person family publishing house, it has transformed into the global Springer Nature Group we know today – incorporating brands such as Nature Portfolio (which celebrated its own milestone of 150 years in 2019) and BMC, working with over 100,000 external academic editors, and with 9000+ staff across 200 offices in 50 countries. But despite the growth, changes to name, and company structure, one thing hasn’t changed across our 180 years – our publishing ethos.

Springer has always been passionate about the new, focused on: advancing knowledge; adapting to change; and bringing innovative ideas and concepts to the production and dissemination of research, whilst ensuring we play a supportive and valuable role in the community.

A few of our brands:

A few of our brands


A few of our communities:

A few of our audiences

We remain incredibly proud of the role that we can play in the advancement of science, and grateful to the many incredible authors, editors, and researchers that we have the privilege to work with. Here’s to the next 180 years.

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