Malaria in the Amazon: Battling a health crisis

Nature Outlook on MalariaIn 2015, member states of the World Health Organization adopted a strategy for reducing malaria incidence and mortality by at least 90% by 2030.

We are now at the halfway point, but the rates have hardly changed. There were nearly 250 million cases of malaria in 2021, and around 620,000 deaths.

Our Nature Outlook on Malaria, published with the support of sponsors, explores how eliminating the disease will require new tools and better use of existing ones, and reveals how researchers are rising to the challenge.

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‘Malaria in the Amazon’ documentary:

As part of the Nature Outlook on Malaria, a documentary was filmed about malaria in the Amazon:

In January 2023, the Brazilian government declared a state of emergency over the health of the indigenous people in Roraima, accusing the previous government of neglect amounting to genocide. The documentary explores the deadly explosion of malaria in Roraima and the methods, new and old, being used to bring it under control.


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