Nature Milestone on T Cells

Nature Milestone on T cellsDon’t miss the latest Nature Milestone on T cells, key players in the immune system – published with the support of sponsors.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole world’s been thinking about how best to fight infection. And two cell types in particular have become immunity celebrities – T and B cells.

But these cells were not always so well understood. In fact, their function only came into focus in the 1950s and 1960s, when two researchers working on opposite sides of the world started to piece together the mystery of a previously ignored organ called the thymus.

In this Nature Milestone, we celebrate important moments since the discovery of T cells in 1961 with an interactive timeline, fascinating video, and gorgeous animation – well worth a watch!

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About Nature Milestones:

Nature Milestones are published in Nature and on, highlighting key discoveries that have shaped different scientific fields.

They enable the wider recognition of classic findings, that are often recognized only by those in the field.

Content includes a timeline of key events, historical commentaries that have been commissioned and/or written by the editors, key papers, short research highlights on recently published papers, videos, and animations.

Nature Milestones offer sponsors a unique opportunity to cement their legacy of having been an active
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