Nature animation wins MJA Awards 2023

Congratulations to the Nature Milestone team!

Their video animation “The mystery of the disappearing lymphocytes” is a winner in the 2023 Medical Journalists’ Association (MJA) Awards — in the category of Science Explained.


Delightfully clear and beautifully engaging explanation of an important but notoriously complex subject, brought to life with brilliant visualisation and compelling narrative. Successfully informs a wide audience on a complex issue many might think too difficult to explain to a layperson. — MJA Awards Judges

The annual MJA Awards recognize and reward outstanding examples of health and medical journalism. They include awards for news and features and also highlight specific subjects with awards for Mental Health Story of the Year, Science Explained, and the David Delvin prize for sex and sexual health journalism.

Nature Milestone on T cells

Nature‘s winning animation, “The mystery of the disappearing lymphocytes” was a Dog & Rabbit production created for a Nature Milestone on T cells, which was published in Nature with the support of sponsors.

Although T cells found fame during the COVID-19 pandemic when the whole world was thinking about fighting infection, they were not always so well understood.

In fact, T cells only came into focus in the 1950s and 1960s, when two researchers working on opposite sides of the world started to piece together the mystery of a previously ignored organ called the thymus. “The mystery of the disappearing lymphocytes” shows how their work laid the foundation for everything we know about T cells today.

In addition to the animation, the Nature Milestone features commentaries, key papers, and research highlights about T cells, plus an interactive timeline celebrating important moments since their discovery, and a fascinating video showing how what we eat affects our immune cells.

If you would like to sponsor a future Nature Milestone to raise awareness of the key discoveries that have shaped a field of research, talk to our team today.



About Nature Milestones:

Nature Milestones are published in the Nature journal, in print and online, to highlight key discoveries that have shaped different scientific fields. They enable the wider recognition of classic findings, that are often recognized only by those in the field.

Content includes a timeline of key events, historical commentaries that have been commissioned and/or written by the editors, key papers, short research highlights on recently published papers, videos, and animations.

Nature Milestones offer sponsors a unique opportunity to cement their legacy of having been an active participant in the development of a given field over a period of time.

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