My journey to leading a biotech company

Shadi Farhangrazi describes how she accidentally became a chief executive.

Dive into the fascinating journey of Shadi Farhangrazi, a neuroscientist and biochemist turned CEO of S. M. Discovery Group (SMDG) in the UK.

Shadi Farhangrazi, My path to heading a biotech companyIn a compelling interview with Nature, Farhangrazi shares her unconventional path from academia to the business world, highlighting the pivotal moment that led her to pursue an MBA and transition into the realm of biotechnology.

Learn how her international experiences in Africa and India shaped her perspective on the critical intersection of science, business, and patient advocacy.

Farhangrazi also reflects on the challenges she faces as a female leader in the male-dominated biotech industry, and the personal motivations driving her to bring life-saving therapies to those in need.

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