How to build your science employer brand

How to build a strong science employer brandA recent article on Nature Careers explored the undeniable benefits – the why – of strong employer branding for organizations in the life sciences and health sciences.

Here, we’d like to dive into the how – how you as a science organization, whether in industry or academia, can go about building and promoting a powerful employer brand.

Firstly let’s consider some of the elements that make up employer branding. Here are a few of the key components…

  • Company Culture
  • Employee Value Proposition (EVP): the unique set of offerings that an organization provides to its employees; tangible rewards like compensation and career development opportunities, as well as intangible ones like meaningful work
  • Employer Brand Messaging: an organization’s values, mission, and vision
  • Candidate Experience
  • Employee Advocacy

By effectively managing these components, science organizations can supercharge their employer brand.

But how do I do that you ask?

Let Nature Careers, the ultimate ally for science organizations, guide you in your quest with their 4 simple steps… Read the full article here


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