How our training workshops support researchers in publishing their articles

Nature Masterclasses Expert Trainer-Led WorkshopsThe main goal of our Nature Masterclasses training is to support researchers. But how can we be sure that our workshops are supporting the participants? We request feedback immediately after the workshops, but that doesn’t track actual support, does it?

Well, the expert trainer-led workshops¬†from Nature Masterclasses also run an annual survey of the previous year’s participants. We generally do this survey in July to give those participants who attended a workshop in December to have time to write and submit a paper.

And we’re thrilled to report on the results and feedback from the respondents in our 2022 cohort!

  • 65.6% of the 90 respondents said they had written and submitted a manuscript after attending the workshop.
  • Of those, 90.2% said that attending the workshop helped them in writing and/or publishing their manuscript.
  • While 53.1% submitted to a journal similar to their previous articles, 42.9% reported that they felt more confident to submit to a higher-impact journal than before.

It made writing manuscripts less painful.

The reviewers’ commented the manuscript was well written.

It greatly changed my perception of and approach to academic writing in general and for journals in particular.

I’ve revisited the PowerPoint presentations when I was in the process of submitting them (e.g. choosing a journal, and effective keywords).

The workshops helped me better understand decision letters from editors which has assisted me with the process of revising papers for publication. The workshops also helped me better understand what journals I should be choosing to submit my manuscripts to.

Now I understand how to write papers without any language complaints about style and correctness from reviewers. Great to finally realize my past errors and misconceptions about good writing.

The trainer was a fantastic, knowledgeable, and engaging presenter (which was extremely useful for my teaching/presenting activities as well!).

A higher focus on the reader than impact factor.

It’s a great feeling to see the impact our training workshops are having in supporting researchers to achieve their goals!

Interested in a training workshop for your researchers? Visit the Nature Masterclasses website to request a quote and more info. 

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