How China topped the Nature Index charts

Nature Index ChinaThe latest Nature Index supplement highlights the research achievements of China — live now, including partner articles.

For the first time, China has surpassed the United States to become the leading nation in the Nature Index.

This supplement explores how China topped the Nature Index charts, what China’s decoupling from the United States in scientific collaboration could mean for global research, and where Chinese students are opting to study as favor falls with Western universities.

Partner articles in the supplement bring to life research initiatives, from electric vehicles and smart buildings to Shanghai’s grant-giving scheme. Partner articles are either supplied by the partner or written by our expert custom media team.

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Nature supplements

About Nature Index supplements:

Nature Index supplements are published throughout the year in the Nature journal and on, based on the data in the Nature Index database.

Supplements planned for 2023 will cover research topics including Cancer; Climate and conservation; Rising Stars; North-South Collaboration.

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