Building awareness of neglected tropical diseases

Nature Outlook on Neglected Tropical Diseases

Nearly two billion people are affected by neglected tropical diseases. Why then is funding to address these conditions so consistently low?

The clue is in the name: it is not just the diseases that are neglected, but also the people affected by them, who typically live in the poorest parts of the world.

Our Nature Outlook on Neglected Tropical Diseases, published with the support of sponsors, looks for signs of hope that the world might yet do a better job of reducing the burden of these conditions.

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Nature Outlook supplement in print

About Nature Outlooks:

Nature Outlooks are supplements published in the Nature journal, featuring engaging and accessible reporting written by our top science journalists.

Each Nature Outlook is supported by an organization and focused on a topical area of scientific, clinical, or societal research.

Supporting a Nature Outlook enables the sponsor organizations to communicate to researchers, policy-makers, and KOLs their contribution to the subject area, and the potential opportunities that lay ahead.

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