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Banner Specifications

Banner Specifications

Available Sizes

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Creative Deadlines

  • Please submit your banner creative files 3 business days prior to campaign start date.
  • At least one business day before rotating new creative into existing campaigns.

Format Accepted

  • GIF, JPEG, and PNG image files.
  • HTML5 via third party vendor tags only.
  • Third party vendor tags. Our recommended third party vendors are DoubleClick studios and Sizmek. New vendors will need testing in advance of campaign agreement.


  • Maximum file size is 50kb.
  • A live click-through URL. If the banner ad needs more than one click-through URL, please see Rich Media specs.
  • Maximum of 3 loops.
  • Maximum animation length 15 seconds.
  • Optional – provide alternative text. For example: “Brought to you by.”

General Design Constraints

  • Advertisements with white or grey backgrounds should have a one-pixel border around the graphic’s perimeter and/or created within the graphic. The inclusion of the border must not exceed the ad’s dimension restrictions.
  • Advertisements may not employ persistent rapid/`strobing’ animation of any graphic, copy, or background element(s).
  • Fonts used in all versions of banner ads must not be larger than those used for the journal’s names.
  • Advertisements cannot mislead the user. No creative can mimic or resemble any Windows/Macintosh/Unix dialogue boxes, error messages or the like.
  • Non-functioning drop-down menus, radio buttons and text boxes will not be accepted.
  • Nature Research has final approval over all creative supplied; in the case of extreme negative user feedback/interference Nature Research reserves the right to pull creative prior to campaign delivery.

Note: in order to hit scheduling targets on booked inventory across the network an impression is defined by our Google DFP ad server data, and not by your own vendor. If you have concerns that your choice of ad-serving vendor could result in some inconsistency with DFP’s delivery statistics, we recommend overbooking your campaign by 5% at the outset with your Nature Research sales rep.

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