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Application Notes – Online

Application Notes – Online

We ask that all Application Notes strictly adhere to the online submissions guidelines below in order to speed up the editorial process.

Need Application Notes help?

  • Please address any online submissions questions relating to Application Notes to Irene Kaganman.

Please note: All authors of Application Notes will have the opportunity to preview fully formatted proofs of their online submissions. Upon receipt of proofs, the authors will have 24 hours to return any correction or amendments to our Production team. IMPORTANT: There will be no further opportunities for review or submitting of changes beyond this point.

Application Notes guidelines – online submissions


  • Title length should not exceed 13 words.

Author Listing

  • Provide a full mailing address for each affiliated institution or business.
  • The majority of Application Notes authors should be directly affiliated with the submitting company.

Text Format

  • Begin the piece with a brief introductory paragraph that describes the key aspects of the product being advertised.
  • Trademark symbols can only be used at first mention of product.
  • Try to avoid abbreviations; those must be defined at first use.
  • Length should not exceed 1,500 words, excluding figure legends and references.
  • Avoid use of bullet-point lists; use tables instead or try to present information in normal text format.
  • Cite no more than ten references, numbered in the order cited. Please use the following format:
  • 1. Bichsel, V.E., Liotta, L.A. & Petricoin, E.F. Cancer proteomics: from biomarker discovery to signal pathway profiling. Cancer J. 7, 69-78 (2001).
  • Contributions should include no more than three illustrations or tables.
  • Cite figure panels in strict sequential order in the text. Use the style (Fig. 1a,c,f), (Fig. 2a-c), (Figs. 2 and 3), (Fig. 1 and Table 1) to refer to figures in the text.
  • Numbers from one to ten should be spelled out unless followed by a unit of measure (ml, min, M, etc.), in which case always use a numeral.
  • Please do not use italics or bold for emphasis.
  • Genes and genotypes must be italicized throughout text and figures and given correct symbol designation (refer to
  • Minimize use of the slash (/) to mean ‘and’ or ‘or’, as its meaning can be ambiguous.

Figure Legends

  • Each legend should start with a brief title that summarizes the main point of the figure.
  • Figure legends should be brief, but describe the panel completely. All abbreviations, symbols, etc. should be defined or explained in the legend. Do not repeat information described in the text.
  • Refer to parts of the figure as (a), (b), etc.
  • Please indicate nature of error bars: i.e., s.e.m. or s.d., and provide an n value.
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