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Application Notes – Print

Application Notes – Print

We ask that all Application Note contributions strictly adhere to the guidelines below, in order to speed up the editorial process. Please address any questions relating to content to Irene Kaganman

Please note: All Application Note contributors will have the opportunity to preview fully formatted proofs of their submission. Upon receipt of proofs, the authors will have 24 hours to return any correction or amendments to our Production team. Please note that there will be no further opportunities for review or submitting of changes beyond this point.


  • Title length should not exceed 13 words.


  • Provide full mailing address for each affiliated institution or business.
  • Provide telephone, fax, and email address for one corresponding author.
  • All authors must be in direct employ of the contributing company.
  • Information should be provided for an alternative contact who is empowered to make editorial decisions in the absence of the corresponding author.


  • All contributions must begin with a 50 – 75 word summary/abstract.
  • Submissions should not be formatted as research articles (e.g., with subheads for ‘Results’, ‘Discussion’, etc.)
  • The product being advertised should be specifically named near the beginning of the piece.
  • No competitor products may be mentioned by name in the text of the advertorial – alternative or competing systems should be described generically (e.g., “lipofection reagent”, not “Lipofectamine”).
  • Data should only reflect demonstration of the product being described, and not original research findings. Data should only be presented in summary form.
  • Background scientific information should be kept to the minimum of necessary detail.


  • Length must not exceed 1,000 words for two-page format, or 1,500 words for three-page format.
  • Include no more than ten references, numbered in the order cited.
  • Cite figure panels and tables in strict sequential order in the text.
  • Trademark and copyright symbols should only be used at the initial mention of a product name.


  • Include no more than 3 display items for a two-page Note, or 4 display items for a three-page Note. This includes both figures and tables.
  • Figures should be supplied as TIFF, JPG, or EPS files. Tables should be supplied in Word format. Please do not submit files in PDF format.
  • All images files must be at print resolution when sized at 3.5 – 4 inches wide. Resolution requirements are: 300 dpi for color figures; 600 dpi for grayscale, and 1200 dpi for black-and-white line art.
  • All contributions must be accompanied by a corporate logo, supplied in EPS format.


  • Each figure must be accompanied by a legend at the end of the text, with a brief title that summarizes the figure. This legend should describe the panel completely, and all abbreviations, symbols, etc. should be defined or explained. Do not repeat information from the body text.
  • Tables should be given a brief, one-sentence title that describes the data being presented.
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